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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cheating online...I got an email as this

My Dear, My name is Mr.Robert Payne, a Senior staff and Auditor head of computing department here in Bank of Scotland United Kingdom.I have only written to seek your indulgence and assistance. I wish to make a transfer involving a huge amount of £15,000,000.00.(fifteen million pounds sterling). I am proposing to make this transfer to a bank account of your choice. Thus, for your indulgence and support, I propose an offer of 25% of the total amount to be yours after the transfer has been successfully concluded. Kindly reply me stating your interest, and I shall furnish you with the details and necessary proceedure with which to make the transfer Legal and 100% free and safe for the both of us.Your full Name,Contact Address, phone and fax number will be necessary for this Effect.I await your response so as for us to proceed with the transaction. I am anxiously awaiting your response and please do treat this Proposal with utmost confidentiality.Thanks and Godbless.Sincerely yours,Mr Robert Payne.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Young shepherd

When a man's wife meets her husband's lover...

Live by myself

Want to marry me, you have to be a millionare! As advivertised by this lady, a graduate student of Huhan University, Hubei, China

Get off from work

This is a classroom when it is raining

So happy to marry a man from abroad and have a kid for hime!

It's cool to have a foreign lover.

Embark on my life road...

Explore the "Gold" from the dustbins.

Living indepently: vision diabled people are crossing the street.

Bring your bed and quilt to "hospital" for medication

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mr. Bush called Mr. Kim but not North Korean Dictator

He changes... and Mr. Kim changes,too! "Mr. Bush is very easy to get along" He cited Mr. Putin.

So North Korean is very easy to get along with US... ...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dig a deeper cave, Store more rice, Never be hegmony!

When Abu Faraj al-Libbi, the third-most senior leader in the Al Qaeda terrorist network, was arrested on Tuesday, it seems obvious the terrorists were not hidding in a deeper cave as Sadam Hussain hided. And the next question is always, how long do the US troops need to get Bin Laden?
When I was a child, thirty years ago, China-US relationship was so hostile as it is now between US and North Korea. There was a slogan in my village, some two thousand away from Beijing. That was quoted from former Chinese leader, Mao Tsedong: "Dig a deeper cave, Store more rice, Never be hegmony!"
Actually the US bomber never stormed my hometown or any other city in China.  Every one hated US at that time and it is hard to imagine I could one day set my foot in US.
So does the Iraqi. So does the Afghanistan. But there is one difference, most of the Chinese do not believe God and religion has no effect to regular life of Chinese people. So how long the Iraqis or Afghanistan people will hate American?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Chrismas for the homeless in Baltimore, Dec 26, 2004. Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

He wants to go to school... ...

But he lives in Goudiao Village, Maochang Town, Dafang county, Guizhou province, China. It is the most impoverrished county in west China. Annual income per capita is 600 yuan (about 75 US dollars).  Posted by Hello

This kid is 10-year old. He can't afford to pay the yearly tuition of 140 yuan (about 17 dollars), and has to work with the bamboo basket. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 03, 2005

This kid is twelve-year old. He is just "laid off" because the goverment shut down the coal mine he worked for. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 02, 2005

This is their home. It is always open... Posted by Hello

This is idyl? It means they lose their school. Posted by Hello

This girl is just back from her work. Her dog is greeting her. Posted by Hello

Can not go to school... What can they do? Posted by Hello

They are shortage of rice. Sweet potatoes are only availble food they can get. Posted by Hello

This girl quit her school for a long time since her parents can't affort the tuition, but she dreams of going back to school and plays with her former "classmates". Posted by Hello

Their principal and a teacher, who graduated from a local high school, gives a talk.  Posted by Hello

This is another school they used to take classes before 2003.  Posted by Hello

Benyu Xu gived up his opportunity not to enroll as a postgraduate student at Central China Agricultural University,a renowned university in China, but to volunteer as a teacher in this remote village school. Posted by Hello

They would miss their teacher, the volunteer is going to leave. Posted by Hello

I want to go back to school. Posted by Hello

They are enthusiatic to learn knowledge from their teacher. Posted by Hello

It actually became deteriorated, but it will be finished by the hungary pupils after school. They never tried an icecream, and never heard McDonald or Kentucky Fried Chicken.
 Posted by Hello

This is his shoe! Posted by Hello

Electricity is not always available here.  Posted by Hello