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Look at the East, Look at the West (看东方,看西方)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dig a deeper cave, Store more rice, Never be hegmony!

When Abu Faraj al-Libbi, the third-most senior leader in the Al Qaeda terrorist network, was arrested on Tuesday, it seems obvious the terrorists were not hidding in a deeper cave as Sadam Hussain hided. And the next question is always, how long do the US troops need to get Bin Laden?
When I was a child, thirty years ago, China-US relationship was so hostile as it is now between US and North Korea. There was a slogan in my village, some two thousand away from Beijing. That was quoted from former Chinese leader, Mao Tsedong: "Dig a deeper cave, Store more rice, Never be hegmony!"
Actually the US bomber never stormed my hometown or any other city in China.  Every one hated US at that time and it is hard to imagine I could one day set my foot in US.
So does the Iraqi. So does the Afghanistan. But there is one difference, most of the Chinese do not believe God and religion has no effect to regular life of Chinese people. So how long the Iraqis or Afghanistan people will hate American?