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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Look at China from the west: Did you see "Hero"?

While American movie-goers enjoy the new Chinese film "Hero", Chinese bloggers are criticizing Zhang Yimao, the director.

Having been a popular in China for more than a decade, most people don't like his way to decribe China such as the eight-minute show in the Olympic closing ceremony. Zhang represents a "old fashioned " China and some young Chinese don't agree.He can only "raise the latern" to a huge one as in the closing ceremony.

Most people say that he is a good director to make something about the poor, remote countryside, but not for modern, romantic life.

Others believe that he is always playing the color and photography since he majored photography at his college time.

Chinese movie-goers had enjoyed the film almost a year ago and they are enjoying his new film "House of Flying daggers". His technique,especially the Kong Fu, is nothing better than "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" did.


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